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8 Tips to Stay Healthy While Quarantined

Staying home for days on end can be hard, especially when it’s not by choice - it can take a lot out of you and drain all your energy. It does sound counterintuitive, and you might think that how can staying home be taxing but the truth is that, without a proper routine and activity cycle, people tend to get a little listless when they don’t have much to look forward to. The good news is that there are ways in which a person can overcome their exhaustion of being quarantined. By focusing on your health and keeping a hopeful outlook, one can get through this COVID-19-induced quarantine both healthier and happier.

Here are our eight tips for staying healthy during the quarantine.

Avoid Unhealthy Munching

The best and worst part about being home all the time is having free access to the pantry. People often find themselves snacking and subsequently spike their calorie-intake. While that’s natural, it can, however, be bad for your health. To stay healthy while quarantined, you should remain mindful of what you eat and avoid munching on chips and cookies. When you feel the snack cravings sneaking in, have some whole nuts or fruits. They will not just satiate the tingle in your tummy but also keep you full for longer.

Zzz Management

One of the most common problems that come with being home 24/7 is having a disrupted sleep cycle. When people are at home, they tend to stay up at night watching TV and sleep-in during the day. It seems harmless - after all, if you don’t have to go anywhere, you might as well sleep as much as you want, right? Well, not getting a good night’s sleep can dull the senses, actually make you feel more lethargic, and you find yourself dozing off at random hours during the day. Try to head outside and enjoy your time while the sun is shining and make sure to get sufficient z’s at night.


Working out at home or outside is an excellent way of staying healthy, especially when you can’t go to the gym, yoga, or Pilates. Head outdoors and go for a jog or hike to keep your muscles up and running. Or try a quick 20-minute home workout – now that we are all living in this new virtual world, you have access to a plethora of training videos so you can stay fit without having to go to the gym.

Eat Clean

Whether you are bored at home with too much free time on your hands or busier than ever and stressed out, it is always a smart idea to put a little effort into your diet. When a person is busy or tired, meal prepping and mindful eating can be challenging – one tends to head straight for the ready-made, unhealthy, and fattening items. Take a few minutes to research quick & easy meals on the internet and try cooking wholesome meals to take control of your nutrient intake. You can even make it into a fun family day by involving everyone in the house in your culinary endeavor.

If you don’t want to cook or think about meals, but you still want to eat well and look your best, a program such as Optifast might be just for you! Optifast is a medically advised meal planning program that delivers nutrient-dense meals to its subscribers to help them in their fitness journey. And the best part about it is that you get five whopping meals in a day, so you don’t even have to worry about your snacks! Isn’t that great? Optifast is great for weight loss, but it’s equally useful if you just want to eat clean and stay healthy. Contact us for more information on how to get started!

Limit The PJ’s

Staying at home, bored and not bothering to change out of your PJ’s? Even though you might not feel motivated or feel the need to put on ‘regular’ clothes, making that small effort to get dressed as if you were going to work, will have a bigger impact than you may think! It is almost guaranteed that you will feel better about yourself and it will elevate your mood considerably. With so much uncertainty around, we could all use a mood-booster.

Stay Hydrated

Being at home can reduce your movement and, as a result, decrease your water intake. With a little bit of conscious effort, you can maintain your water intake and stay hydrated. So many of us forget to drink eight glasses of water each day, but it definitely helps to keep a refillable water bottle with you at all times. When you wake up in the morning, fill up your bottle, and carry it wherever you go. You’ll hit your hydration goal before you know it.

Connect With Loved Ones

Sadly, CCOVID-19 has deprived all of us of the warmth of being around our friends and family. With lockdown, people can’t meet their loved ones or go out with friends, but that doesn’t mean you can’t connect with them. Keep in touch with your relatives via calls and video calls as much as possible. It will reassure you that you are not alone and give you the courage to get through the quarantine without scathing your mental and emotional well-being.


Mindful meditation helps decrease heart rate, reduce stress, and improve heart health. It’s an excellent way to boost your health in every way possible. Try to incorporate meditation in your life while you are at home. It will calm you down and help you deal with any anxiety you may be experiencing.

Even though things seem bleak at the moment, try not to let it deter your spirits. You are stronger than you think! You can get through this be remaining positive and staying healthy - even if it requires a little bit of effort.

If you would like to find out more on getting on an Optifast plan, contact us today at 720-924-2548.We are open and seeing clients in a manner that complies with Colorado’s Safer-at-Home ordinance and with the related Public Health Orders.


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