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Incorporating Science into Weight Loss

With advancements every single day, science and technology has taken over every aspect of human life and weight loss is not an exception. Though we fully understand the concept of a balanced diet and how important regular exercise is, we still look for easier ways to lose weight and to keep it off. We go for options which can helps us lose weight effortlessly, and at the same time provide various other health benefits.

Fortunately, science has provided solutions for people who need that extra little bit of help. By developing technology which identifies DNA and the right proteins for you, scientists have come a long way when it comes to melting away inches and pounds off your body. Below, we have highlighted two weight loss programs which are not only designed using scientific research, but provide various other health benefits.

Pro Fit

When it comes to weight loss, there is no one approach which fits all. So many people try different weight loss programs but fail to get results. This is because each human being is different and their bodies respond differently; thanks to our DNA.

Pro Fit works around this fact and uses genetic information to develop a personalized weight loss plan which can help you lose and maintain excessive weight. With this application, you will get a personalized diet plan based on your genetic analysis and have your own personal health coach. As you start following the weight loss regime, the live chat support of the Pro Fit app can help you resolve any queries or concerns which come along the way. This is once in a lifetime investment as you can rely on the same genetic information at any point later in your life.


OPTIFAST is a medically supervised weight loss program which provides complete meal replacement. At the same time, it closely monitors your progress towards enhanced health. Since it is a meal replacement program, it does not involve planning and preparing meals. Instead, they are simple to prepare meals which help you lose weight, improve your health and modify your eating habits.

The program is not only effective in immediate weight loss but proves to provide long term results. People who used OPTIFAST end up losing an average of 30 pounds in 26 weeks. And after two years, they maintained an average weight loss of 19 pounds.

If you are considering weight loss programs, contact us today to set up an appointment. At Colorado Integrative Healthcare, we offer various medically supervised weight loss programs. They are not only effective against excessive weight but also significantly reduce the risks of various other medical conditions associated with excessive weight such as diabetes, heart diseases and arthritis. Apart from Lipolean injections, HCG injections, appetite suppressants, and nutritional plans, we are proud to introduce OPTIFAST and Pro Fit to the list of our weight loss programs.

If you have any questions about our procedures or you would like information about them, visit our website or contact us at


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